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A Friendship Born


Arise from the downturned

pout edges fringed with ageing wrinkles

Eyes sparkle with tender touched glimmer

mouth twisted as noise bursts through

as laughter is birthed.


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A cacophony of barking erupts the once still night

Which dog this time?

Maggie? The chubby Jack Russell sits on her covers, neck back, baying in her soprano clip.

Jonesy? The baritone basset combines with his deep half barreled lab genes.

Roscoe? Daisy-Clover?  hunting beagles shouting  their bold tenor roar into the midnight-

I’m here! I am here!  I AM HERE!

The universe absorbs their presence and answers back with the whips of winter white wind

And the four become one as the individual bark of four companion dogs finds its place

in the timeless holler of canine pride

Age after age, eons of echos, voices unite with all who have ever bayed into the nocturnal void

Pure, united, blended ageless, eerie and joyful, senseless and profound

Living and gone, born and waiting, the howl proclaims the ultimate truth


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practiced sorrow; a year 

to advance to perfection

the art

of grief

Echos of loss

bounce in the emptiness 

I cry when I smell fresh tomato



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Wandering head assaulting thoughts, worlds, random

no stop sign no traffic light to order the madcap madness-no map

Fast moving vehicle crashing one  on two.

BASH, Clang, BOOM – zap 

Bonds holds as pushed to extreme and then 


                                                 the melody 


                           my head.

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